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March 17, 2014
Bug of the Day

Lilioceris lilii - Scarlet Lily Beetle (Chrysomelidae):

This brightly coloured leaf beetle can be abundant on all species of lilies, where they often cause severe foliage damage. The larvae protect themselves from predators and parasites by collecting their own feces and using it as a shield.

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tom murray, Hannah Nendick-Mason, Beatriz Moisset, McClarinJ, Chuck Entz, Mike Quinn, v belov. (June, 2005). Info. In Species Lilioceris lilii - Lily Leaf Beetle. Retrieved March 17th, 2014, from

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March 13, 2014
Bug of the Day

Schizomyia impatientis - Jewelweed Gall Midge (Cecidiomyiidae)

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March 12, 2014
Bug of the Day

Phellopsis obcordata - Eastern Ironclad Beetle (Zopheridae)

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March 10, 2014
Bug of the Day

Caloptilia packardella - Packard's Caloptilia (Gracillariidae)

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