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February 27, 2014
Bug of the Day

Tomocerus minor (Tomoceridae):

Springtails are among the most common creatures on land. You're likely to find many springtails in any handful of soil, leaf-litter, compost, or decomposing material. Some can even be found on the surface of water or on snow. This tomocerid was found in a crevice on a rotting log, tomocerids have a very long middle antennal segment.

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February 26, 2014
Bug of the Day

Phytomyza - Leaf Miners (Agromyzidae)

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February 21, 2014
Bug of the Day

Cercopidae - Spittlebugs

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February 20, 2014
Bug of the Day

Orgyia leucostigma - White-Marked Tussock Moth (Erebidae)

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